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Put yourself in the right place…

August 28, 2013


Bear Woods Happenings

Yesterday I touched on the idea of “putting yourself in the right place at the right time.”  As a nature photographer there are many aspects of that statement that ring true.  If you are photographing  birds, you should learn bird behavior and territories of birds.  For wildlife, you should learn the behavior and the right way to approach wildlife, along with the safe distances to photograph from.  This is true for scenic “event” photography as well.  In this case a rainbow.  Years ago I was very fortunate to call Galen Rowell a friend.  I listened intently, almost like a sponge in water, to everything he said about light.  There are not many people who understood dramatic light like Galen did.  On a particular day in the Rocky Mountains we drove into a rain shower.  Galen told me to speed up and see if we could get to the other side. …

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